1/2D iPad Anthology

Hello students & parents of 1/2D

Just a quick reminder that if you would like to have a copy of your iMovie anthology, please bring in a USB drive/memory stick tomorrow so I can copy it from my computer!

Hope you all have a safe and Merry Xmas and a happy 2015! I have had an amazing year with you all.


Dylan ūüôā

Grade 1/2 Christmas Picnic Party

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again and what a wonderful year we have had here in Level 1/2.

To celebrate the end of the year we are having a Grade 1/2 picnic party in St James’ Park (weather permitting).  If it is raining we will have the party in our classrooms.


Date: Wednesday 17th December

Time: After lunch (1:50pm)


We encourage each child to bring a small plate of food or drink.

Please be mindful that we do have some students with nut allergies, so please ensure that items are completely nut free.



                        Please bring all food and party items on Wednesday 17th December

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Merry Christmas and have a relaxing and safe holiday.

Kind regards,

                             Lee, Steph, Dylan, Ellen and James

1/2 Mini Aths Day!

Next Tuesday the 9th of December, Level 1/2 are participating in a Mini Athletic Morning.

Events will be held at both HWPS and down at James Park, including: hurdles, long jump, high jump and a bean bag throw.

Mini Aths will begin at 9am till 12pm (we will have a break at recess).

Students are encouraged to all participate in the morning and wear their runners to school and bring a drink bottle.

All the teachers including our PE teacher Sam are really looking forward to the events and watching the kids trying their best and having a laugh.

Mini Aths Morning will be lots of fun!

See you all there.


1/2E class poetry

Here is a sneak peak of some of the amazing poetry you will find at our poetry celebration day by 1/2E.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Haiku by Jack Twycross

Five nights at Freddies

Scares you a lot of times

It gives you a jump!


Ocean Haiku – by Max Cornelius

Waves are like diamonds

they travel around the sea

Waves travel to shore.


In the Bug Jungle – by Akira Kaewkhampa

In the bug jungle bugs jump on your head.

In the bug jungle loud bugs give you headaches!

In the bug jungle bees sting you!

In the bug jungle spiders drink your blood!

In the bug jungle worms dig in your skin!

In the bug jungle… AHHHHHHH!


Autumn Haiku – by Emily Higgins

leaves fall down softly

onto the beautiful grass

let them fly through air.


Watering Flowers – Grace Rogers

I asked my Grandpa

can you water plants? Flip-flop

of course I can. Pip-pop

One day I asked my Grandpa

can you water plants? Snip-snop

Of course I can. Drip-drop.


Autumn Haiku – by Liliana Parish

the leaves are melting

there’s no more leaves on the trees

the leaves are falling.


Haiku 007 – by Flynn McNamara

James Bond’s cool spy car

War starts with a bang!

Tanks shoot! Helicopter gun!


The Clouds – by Jack Magi

The cloud is a nice quiet place to sleep

take some cloud and eat it, it is a bit sweet.

It is really soft like a blanket with a pillow.


Spring Haiku – by Sam Shaw

Flowers are blooming

Spring is here, I am happy

The snow is melting.


Christmas – By Antosha Emelianov

Christmas time is so divine.

I can’t wait to open my presents!

I make a cookie and pour the milk, I get the carrots

and wait until morning.




1/2D Haiku Poetry

This week in 1/2D we have been inspired to write Haiku poetry. Here are some examples that students in our class have created. What poetry tools have our authors in 1/2D used?

Tree by Caitlin

Tall as a building

Green as a ripe, green snowpea

Gives us fresh, clean air


Ghosts by Phoebe

They’re out there somewhere

Scary as a fierce lion

They are never seen


Plants by Holly T

Most of me has leaves

Some have strawberries on them

Sometimes leave fall off


Trees by Anvitha

Trees are high and tall

They are tall, long like a pole

Trees are good for earth


Snow by Louis

The snow falls slowly

It echoes against the hills

Piles atop the ground


Rain by Ruari

Rain rain go away

Come again another day

And don’t come next week!


Flower by Sylvie

Smooth, tough, tough, rough, smooth

Tickly, pickly stuff

Beautiful, kind stuff

Haiku Poetry

We have been learning about Haiku poetry this week in Level 1/2. We know a Haiku poem has 3 lines, and a¬†count of 17 syllables (5 on the 1st line, 7 on the 2nd line and 5 on the last line).¬†Yesterday 1/2D brainstormed lines for a Haiku poem on the iPads about a tree. Today we selected our favourite lines, and revised them to make them descriptive. Here is¬†1/2D’s Haiku poem:


Branches, with green leaves

Swaying gently in the wind

Morning, night, seeds fall


Our Poetry Celebration Afternoon

This term, all Level 1/2 students have worked hard reading different poems including concrete and haiku poems and using the tools of poetry including onomatopoeia and line breaks to write their own poems.

On behalf of all Level 1/2 students and teachers, we would like to invite all of our families and friends to celebrate our poetry unit with us.

When: 11th December

Time: 2.30-3.30

Where: Level 1/2 classrooms

Every student will have the opportunity to share their poetry pieces with you.

Well done to all Level 1/2 students for the amount of time and effort they have put into their poetry reading and writing.

Poem wall poems Tools


1 week to go!

Next Friday the 28th of November is our Twilight Fair!

Please come along to watch our Level 1/2 performance. We will be performing a Christmas poem and song which we have all been rehearsing and practicing  Everyone has been trying so hard to memorise the poem and read it with expression and fluency.

It would be great to have lots of Level 1/2 families attend the Fair!

See you all there

Level 1/2 teachers


iPads in 1/2S

Over the past three weeks 1/2S have welcomed a 1:1 iPad program into our classroom.

We have used the iPads  in all areas of our learning including numeracy, science and literacy. As part of our poetry unit we have been creating movies about our poetry journey, we have used iMovie and Puppet Pals.

All of 1/2S have done a fabulous job and everyone’s movies are unique and interesting. Well done 1/2S ipads¬†ipads 3¬†ipads 6

1/2D’s Concrete Poem – Sick Cat

In Level 1/2 we have been learning about poetry, and his week we have focused on concrete poems. A concrete poem is a poem that is in the shape of the subject we are writing about. Today 1/2D made our own class concrete poem about a sick cat. We discussed our ideas and tried to use poetry tools such as description and the 5 senses to engage our reader. We gathered our ideas from the Concerns about the world & memory doors of poetry. What do you think? How would you describe a sick cat? How could we improve our poem?